Learning to lead is integral to a St. Anthony’s education, as it prepares the Anthonians for full participation as responsible citizens in an increasingly globalised society. It is based on the principle of Authentic Leadership, leaders who are self-aware, open minded, act with integrity and build high quality relationships. They use their influence to enable others to achieve change for the social good.
St. Anthony's School, managed by St. Anthony's Academic Society, consists of experienced administrators, teachers and supervisors. The Society recognizes the need for girls and boys to develop character, education in both mind and soul. We aim to build upon them understanding and skills of leadership and assist each ward to become a respected leader who acts responsibly with integrity and models ethical behaviour. It is in this way that our students develop the personal attributes and capacity to lead at any level, both wisely and with compassion.
"Secular & Progressive school that ensures a good education for every child"
To achieve this vision, we will :
  • Consciously ensure adequate representation of children from all faiths
  • Keep the school infrastructure updated with time
  • Continuously invest in building teachers' capability
  • Continuously update the curriculum
Aims & Objectives
  • Academic Excellence; a worthy aim, is not only encouraged best pursued with diligence by both teachers and students
  • Character formation; as mentioned above, is a sacred duty for the School Management and the Staff.
  • Leadership training; discipline and consideration for others is part of the education of an Anthonian
  • Inculcating concern for the poor
At St. Anthony's School not only academic performance is encouraged, we believe it is important for our Anthonians to have the capacity to examine local, global and intercultural issues, to understand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others, to engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions with people from different cultures and to act for collective wellbeing and sustainable development. Our student experiences allow them to embrace the challenges of living in a global community and facilitate the development of life-long friendships and enduring experiences. Ex-Anthonians, who have achieved their aims, testify to the above rationale.
Residential and Day-scholars, both girls and boys, are admitted into class 3. Over the years they are prepared for the ICSE and ISC Examination. The students are encouraged to follow their interests and actively engage in their education. They are encouraged to think independently, embrace challenges and work collaboratively. We believe that a combination of nurture and opportunity provides a firm foundation for a successful lifelong learning journey.