Monday Assembly is compulsory and all are expected to be on time and in full school uniform.

Students are expected to behave in a proper manner on all occasions.

They should address their teachers and companions with gentleness and courtesy.

Refinement of manners, uprightness and self–restraint should distinguish every student of the school.

Since it is an English medium school, students are expected to speak in English during school hours, as this would benefit their academic progress in the subject.

Students are responsible for their books and belongings. Each article must have a label with their name.

No student is to leave the school campus during school hours unless a written request by the parents has been made and has been duly authorized by the Principal.

Students are not allowed to bring to school any electronic gadgets, toys, magazines and journals, not subscribed to, by the school.

Hygiene and personal cleanliness are integral to good health and greatly recommended to all.

No collection for any purpose, whatsoever, may be made without the prior sanction by the Principal.

Irregular attendance, unexplained absence for more than a week, disobedience and conduct demeaning the good name of the school will not be accepted.

No marks will be awarded in the test/examination, if a student uses unfair means. A student, who renders unfair assistance to another, will be equally liable for punishment.

Students are not allowed to attend classes when ailing or suffering from an infectious disease.

Pupils belonging to the junior age-groups, require to be handled with considerable tact and patience. In St. Anthony’s School, friendly advice and admonitions coupled with firmness, take the place of corporal punishment.

Strict action may be taken if School property, including library books, laboratory equipments and computer lab accessories, is wilfully damaged or destroyed. In such cases, a suitable fine may also be imposed.

A formal letter, accompanied by a medical certificate, is necessary in case of sickness for over three days. If there be an appointment with a doctor, the pupil must not be sent to the School on that day.

A friendly attitude is to be maintained with classmates. Strict disciplinary action, such as suspension, may be taken against any pupil who fights with other pupils and causes injury to them.

All leave applications, addressed to the Principal, clearly stating the name of the pupil, class, section and session, should be deposited at the Front Office.

Special classes for pupils, considered to be in need of extra coaching, are held in the School premises. Such classes are taken by the teachers of the School.

The “Computer Lab” is a place of learning and serious work. For this ‘Silence’ is very necessary.

The Computer is a very sophisticated and expensive machine. Damages to it must be paid for by the student. Any kind of defect or damage must be reported promptly for action to be taken and the machine made available for the next user.

The student must accept responsibility and pay for any damage he/she causes to equipment in the laboratories.