An exceptional education for life not only develops academic skills and attributes, but emotional and physical wellbeing

St. Anthony’s School, Kurseong aspires to deliver quality education to a diverse student body in a nurturing environment; inspire a passion for learning, foster a sense of wonder and curiosity, to develop, sustain and maintain academic excellence coupled with a balanced holistic curriculum that is relevant to the student’s day to day life experience. Students must become more aware of the relevance of their learning.

At St Anthony, we devote a major portion of our time to understand our wards and to honour and cherish their individual value. In doing this, we follow a clear philosophical strategy :

We must attend to their physical nature, activity or behaviour in the natural world.

We must consider their thinking and reasoning, both in structure and content.

We must recognise and be sensitive to these feelings and the attitudes that go with them in teaching and learning

We must recognise intentions, judgments and decisions of persons upon which they act. These lead to inquiry into responsibility, accountability and integrity.

We must analyse the aspects of character, personality, imagination and values, which transcend our analytic categories. We are called to recognise the individuality and uniqueness of persons.

We are very deliberate in relation to our pedagogical choices and practices – both in the individual classrooms as well as on/different campuses.