School libraries do not just support the student population. They also allow the teachers to access relevant resources and tools which they otherwise may not know of or have access to.

The Library of St. Anthony’s School, Kurseong has been refurbished and re-stocked in recent years and the school is committed to support the educational aims, by making the library central and integral to the independent learning processes within the school. The Library is well-equipped with an extensive range of abridged and original novels, reference books, newspapers, current-affairs magazines, periodicals and educational books. The School has a commitment to regular review of library materials and annual updates of the collection. After all, libraries are places where people and information come together. In the midst of the quickening pace of technological change, the role of libraries remains immutable. A school library brings with itself a great many benefits. The Principal, St. Anthony’s School, Kurseong thinks that a good, well-equipped library speaks volumes of the school and so he aims to :

Ensure that students are able to conduct research and navigate through the massive flow of information available today and enhance their ability to validate resources and make proper use of them.