The progress of every student is checked by means of regular tests, exams and project work. Examinations are conducted from class III onwards

Two unit tests and two exams are conducted during the academic year. Promotion to the next class is based on continuous assessment of their performance in all the tests and exams conducted during the year.

The weightage is as follows:

  • 15% from Unit Test I
  • 30% from Mid Term Examination
  • 15% from Unit Test II
  • 40% from Annual Examination

Promotion will be done on the basis of cumulative achievement level of the students as indicated above. A 40% score (aggregate) would entitle a student for promotion. English I and English II are compulsory. A student is not entitled to promotion if he/she fails in either of the English papers.

Please Note

  • In case a student is absent for no reason he/she will not be promoted
  • In case a student is absent for serious reason he/she will be assessed considering performance previously tested
  • In case a student is absent for medical reasons, he/she will be assessed on his/her previous performance