We live in the 21st Century and career has changed by leaps and bounds in the last decade. With the advent of technology new careers are emerging every year. Today we teach a kid in primary school without knowing which career he/ she will choose in future. With new careers in Bitcoin mining, Drone technology, coding it’s difficult for the educators like us to keep a track of the ever-changing career environment of the world. The Government’s policy of revamping the National Education Policy is changing the game of subject choices. IIT’s new program of Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (LASE) Programme is one example of how the NEP’s vision translates on ground.

We the educators need to keep abreast with the regular changes and need to guide our students of their choices in choosing a subject.

We are committed to this change and will keep up to date to the changing times.


School-leaving is a critical period in the life of a student. Appropriate career planning is vital to ensure that students are well informed about career options and that they are able to understand their own capabilities to align themselves with future career choices.

Making the right choice depends largely on a student's possessing a thorough knowledge of oneself as well as the work environment. The career guidance programme provides students with comprehensive career options and helps them to seek avenues that match their abilities.

St. Anthony’s School, Kurseong conducts a Career Assessment Programme (by ANUBAV, a Kolkata based company) for classes X & XII for a suitable career path, based on the following criteria :