Attending a boarding school helps to step out of the comfort zone, allowing the young scholar to become a more confident, independent individual. Life at a boarding school helps a learner to appreciate the importance of a healthy balance between school, extracurricular activities, and a social life.

Nestled amidst the unmatched natural settings, life at St. Anthony’s Boarding House balances a structured schedule with free time, fostering a ‘home away from home’ environment in which students have the support they need to feel safe and comfortable. The Principal of St. Anthony’s School has formed a residence team with a group of dedicated individuals including the visiting medical staffs that ensure our students are safe, happy, and healthy. For a majority of Anthonians it is an intimate community where they engage in a wide range of co-curricular activities and a diverse, vibrant social life. The beautiful natural campus and relaxed atmosphere means students feel comfortable being themselves.

Admission Criteria & Rules for Boarders
  • Admission to the hostel is open to the students of Classes III to VII and Class XI only
  • All rules and regulations of the hostel must be strictly adhered to.
  • Boarders will be allowed to go home during the periods mentioned in the Event List.
  • Taking into account the overall development of the students and in the interest of better discipline in the hostel, parents/guardians are requested not to distract their wards with unnecessary leave/visits.
  • Parents/ Guardians are also not to seek permission for 'overnight stay', even on local/weekly holidays, for their wards away from the school campus.
  • The school shall inform the Parents/Guardians about the ward’s academics, health, behaviour, conduct and any other relevant developments at regular intervals.
  • The school has the full authority to suspend/terminate from school any child on disciplinary or academic grounds if the same is found necessary in the interest of the child and/or school.
  • Student residents are expected to be considerate to others and should refrain from noisy activities at all times.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited as the school provides telephones and other communication facilities to the children.
  • Permission to attend special functions at home shall not be usually granted, as a safeguard both for study and health.
  • Birthday parties are organized by the school for all children.
  • Phone calls can be made to the children only on holidays and weekends. In case of emergencies the parents may contact the School office or the Principal.
  • Visitors are allowed to meet the children only on those days mentioned in the Event List. In case of an unavoidable reason a mid-week / working day visit to meet the child may be permitted by the Principal only through prior permission
  • When the parents and guardians come to visit their child in the boarding, they should report to the School office before contacting the child.

Boarding Aims To :
  • Create an atmosphere of tolerance, openness and trust in which teasing, harassment are kept at bay.
  • Provide a range of activities, hobbies and opportunities that will assist in the personal, social and cultural development of each boarder.
  • Safeguard and promote the welfare of each boarder, by providing an environment that is, as far as possible, free from physical hazards and dangers of any sort.
  • Provide accommodation that is comfortable and suited to the needs of boarders, according to age and maturity, which provides adequate levels of privacy.
  • Develop boarders' responsibility for self, for others and for the environment.
  • Develop boarders' qualities of leadership and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Encourage boarders to contribute to the needs and welfare of others .
  • Provide suitable conditions for boarders where they are able to turn to members of the staff to share the good things in their lives, as well as seeking advice.
  • Counselling and support during times of difficulty.

Code Of Conduct
  • It is expected that each student displays his best and maintains cleanliness of his room and his surroundings.
  • It is expected that every boarder follows the specific schedule of the boarding house Matters like bullying, harassing, ragging or hurting physically / mentally is dealt with seriously and disciplinary action would be taken against the defaulter.
  • Destruction or damage to boarding house property due to breakage or graffiti shall lead to penalization.
  • Possession of objectionable and obscure material is offences and would lead to direct expulsion of the student from the boarding house.
  • Boarders are expected to be presentable at all times.
  • Uniforms are to be worn as per the expectation of the school.
  • Colouring of hair, inappropriate hair styling and body tattoos are not permissible.
  • Fancy and expensive items are not allowed, if found in possession of the student will be confiscated.
  • Principal's decision is final in all matters.

St. Anthony’s School, Kurseong is primarily a residential school with most of the students boarding in 'dorms'. The school prides itself on its ability to provide students with relatively well equipped dorms. All dormitories are well-ventilated, spacious, well organized with adequate furniture and other amenities. Boarding starts from Class III.

An experienced Matron is on to do 24 hours duty and to look after the juniors. All dorms have a Warden/Matron with efficient and diligent support personnel who are directly responsible for the care and nurture of the children in their dorm. In absence of the particular Dorm Warden/Matron, the support personnel are in charge and responsible for the dorm.


Apart from education and co-curricular activities, the food choice of a school makes a lot of difference. Since the students do not have their parents around to watch them and to make sure that they are making the right decisions about health, nutrition, and exercise, it is all the more important for the school to be very transparent about their boarding food menu.

At St. Anthony’s School, Kurseong we give as much importance to food as parents do for their children at home. The dining hall is spacious and well planned. All meals, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, are planned by the In-charge of this department keeping in mind the nutritional and dietary needs of growing children. The Catering facilities of the School are managed and run by the School to ensure quality, nutrition and hygiene. The menus are not fixed and are changed at intervals as per the need. The kitchen is well equipped with modernized equipment.

Health & Hygiene
St Anthony’s School has an on-campus Infirmary. This is staffed by a qualified residential nurse who lives on campus and is on 24 hours call to attend the wards at times of medical exigency. The nurse work closely with the Boarding House Warden/Matron to ensure that the boarders' needs are catered to their best possible expectations. In addition, the school ensures a qualified visiting doctor of experience and repute from Kurseong to provide supervision to the students. Further, the school provides the best of the facilities for a child in the neighbourhood hospital/Nursing Home for instant emergency services at short notice.

Pastoral Care

The quality of pastoral care influences the ethos and tone of the whole school. It creates an atmosphere in which the children feel secure, know that they are valued and are encouraged in their learning, growth and social and spiritual development. In the context of St. Anthony’s School pastoral care focuses on the whole student (personal, social, and academic) and it engages all members of the school as providers, actively involved the community in consistent, comprehensive, multi-level activities. The main objectives of St. Anthony’s pastoral programme are

  • Creating a sense of belonging through team building activities, such as working together on a particular project.
  • Facilitating Peer Support Programs.
  • Developing skills and knowledge of sharing and caring with due respect to individual needs and differences.
  • Tracking individual student progress.
  • Enabling early intervention in identifying and dealing with specific needs.
  • Identifying and nurturing exceptional abilities and talents.
  • Providing guidance regarding study patterns, peer relations, post-school pathways and opportunities.
  • Providing counselling and comfort for children dealing with anxiety, loss or disappointment.
  • The provision of good role models both at school and at home.
Safety & Security
The safety and security of the students and staff is of primary and utmost concern to the management of St Anthony’s School. The school adheres to all necessary steps to enhance overall security management in the campus. The security staffs abide the strict policy assigned by the management and accordingly demonstrate fairness and consistency. The policy also outlines procedures to be followed during emergency situations on campus.

Security is provided round-the-clock in the campus. The CCTV network is in operation on the school campus and is monitored and recorded for the purposes of prevention of untoward incidents, for the safety of our staff and students and for the protection of school property. The School authority takes a strong stand against addictive substances and offensive language, along with a zero tolerance policy towards oppression. While dealing with matters of safety and security, St. Anthony’s takes cognizance of mental and psychological safety as much as the physical dimensions of it.