Dear Anthonians,

The year 2021 was our 25th ICSE batch and 06th ISC batch. The school Alumni is growing we have dedicated a space for you. It’s good to be connected to you and know what’s happening in your life. The trials and tribulations you faced into your adulthood. Today you are the Ambassadors of your Alma Mater. Many of you are coming and sharing your experience. We allow most of our ex- Anthonians to share their journey of life to the present students. The present students feel motivated by you. Teachers past and present are happy to hear about your journey and the careers you are in. It also gives us a reflection of what best can we do to help the present lot to be successful in life. Every bit of information is required to help us become better educators. Education is ever evolving and we believe in change of pedagogy, methodology and behaviour with times. We constantly try to improve the infrastructure so that we keep up to the demands of our students. In the last 30 years since the school was established we are trying to put value by introducing counselling sessions tying with a professional group from Kolkata. Introducing soft skills of public speaking as this aspect builds confidence in students in the long run.

In future we will try our best for the Alumni to get involved in the school activities. We look towards to your support and need your help to make it a fantastic Institution of learning.

Mr. Chetan Tewari

Ora et Labora
Pray and work