Fee Details

Mode & Date of Payment

  1. All payments preferably to be made by draft
  2. 1st Installment (March, April, May and June) to be paid in March
  3. 2nd Installment (July, August and September) to be paid in July
  4. 3rd Installment (October, November and December) to be paid in October


With a View to maintain uniformity, prompt and regular supply, the services of M/s Krishna Enterprises has been employed to supply the following items
  1. Stationery goods : Text books, exercise books, pencils, rulers, pens, sharpeners, erasers, gum, brown paper, cello tape, craft items etc.
  2. Toilet requisites : Cream, powder, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair brush, Dettol, polish, soap, mug, Odonil, hangers, comb, Mediker hair oil, scrubbers etc.
  3. Hosiery & others : Pullovers, School and Games socks, badges, crest, ties, T-Shirts, Track Suits
Payment must be made by draft / cash, in March, directly to M/s Krishna Enterprises, Kurseong. To facilitate payment, a special counter will be opened on school opening days.