Admission To Class III - Class VII
  1. Eligibility
    Eligibility for admission to class III is primarily dependent on the age of the child, who should be seven years old.
  2. Procedure
    1. A guardian, who wishes to admit his/her ward, can either
      Register Online by visiting the school website and select 'online registration for new admission' from the Admission option in main menu
      Download & fill up the admission registration form available in the website and submit the same along with payment of requisite charges.
      Obtain all necessary papers from the School Office by paying the requisite charges (for Class III to VII). A receipt for the amount paid should be obtained and retained. It must be produced whenever required. The name of the child should then be registered by submitting the Registration Form, duly filled in and complete in all respects, to the School Office as soon as possible.
    2. The School Office will inform the guardian of the date and time on which the verification of documents will take place at the time the Registration Form submission.
    3. Both the parents of the child should be present at the verification of documents. If for any reason one parent is unable to attend, the School Office should be informed in writing of the fact and the reason thereof well in advance.
  3. Registration
    1. Registration is open for Class III to VII and XI.
    2. The completed Application Form may be deposited with the Admissions Office, along with the Registration Fee.
    3. This fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee admission.
    4. Children who are registered will appear for a written assessment in Jan/Feb each year. Please check the school website, for announcement of dates or may confirm from the admission office.
  4. Assessment
    1. The written assessment is a general one covering English, Mathematics, Science and Hindi/Nepali/Bengali.
    2. Questions will be based on the syllabus of the class that the child is currently in (for example, a child applying for admission to Class VI will be assessed on the syllabus of Class V). The syllabus for the Entrance assessment will be provided at the time of submission of Registration Form.
    3. After the written assessment, there will be an interaction of the parents and child with the Principal and the Admissions Committee.
  5. Documents
    The following documents (original and photocopy) must be submitted at the time of evaluation :
    1. Registration Card (which will be issued to you once you register with the School).
    2. Birth Certificate, attested.
    3. Academic reports and certificates for the last three years.
    4. Individual passport size photographs (3) of the pupil and the parents.
    5. For foreign students passport and other relevant documents