Thoughtfully designed dormitories provide adequate working space and privacy at the same time. Three dormitories provide accommodation for residential students. Staffed by wardens and support staff, they are ‘a home away from home’ for the boarders. St Anthony’s School offers residential facility throughout the academic year for students in Class 3 to Class 12. The dormitories are spacious, comfortable, and are allocated on a shared basis to encourage socialization, and emotional and mental well-being. Life in the hostel is much disciplined. Children learn to live in an organized manner. A hostel life keeps at bay feelings of loneliness as children are able to make new friends and are almost always surrounded by them. This also allows a child, especially the introverts to push past their comfort zones and develop meaningful relationships. Hostel life is also conducive to study as children of similar age-groups can come together in groups, sort out each others’ queries, exchange books, and so on.