The year 2019 started with the sad loss of our beloved Teacher Peter Achilles. He was a family to us and the school his home. We are saddened and dearly miss his absence but life must go on.

The School session started on mid February with children reporting and once again bringing vibrancy with their presence.

The School came to life with teaching and other various activities. It has been three decade of the Institution's existence and it has grown right in front of my eyes.

I as a happy father feel excited to see my child grow. Many students have passed out from this Institution. We see them seek out their destination with a lot of zeal and vigour. Some of these students come back to share their journey and some of them send us their write-up in print. It’s heartening to read their stories. I am proud that we are doing a good work.

In years to come there will be lots of stories which this Institution will share with the younger generation. Till then happy reading.

Mr. C.S.Tewari