About: St. Anthony's
It was on March 13th 1991, that the dream of four visionaries was realised. Their far-sightedness and passion for education culminated in the opening of St. Anthony's School, situated on National Highway 55, 2 Km from Kurseong Town having a sprawling campus against the backdrop of the Himalayan Range, overlooking the Rohini Valley on one side and Giddapahar on the other. The Esteemed Institution is located away from the hustle and bustle in a serene, evergreen and verdant ambience where the wards can enjoy and feel the environment and their educational activities in the lap of nature. The founding members had the vision to provide an adaptive and challenging learning environment and instruction that prepares each student for excellence in education and the workplace, while cultivating integrity, responsibility and a sustained passion for continued learning. The teachers encouraged critical thinking so that the students are driven to excel in their academics, and very importantly, they enjoy learning and become a renowned global citizen in future.
St. Anthony's School imparts holistic education through a process of graded pedagogical learning from a child to a responsible, knowledgeable and wise individual.

Choosing the right school for your child can't wait because of Pandemic. Make sure you pick the right school where your child can know and grow as a confident and compassionate decision maker of tomorrow.
  • Availability of seats in appropriate classes and programmes
  • There will be no admission to Classes VIII to X & XII
  • Admission is from Class III to VII for ICSE and Class XI for ISC
  • Meeting all admission procedures and qualifications
  • Meeting all financial obligations

Mr. Chetan Tewari

Mr. C.S. Tewari

Mrs. Bobby Tewari
  • Our students are able to share their passions with others.
  • We are committed to seeing everyone succeed and reach their full potential through an Educational Experience.
  • To make mistakes, ask questions and think out of the box
  • Our never ending quest for excellence, honesty and integrity
  • We don't tell our students who they should be but inspire them to explore who they already are
  • By Taking education beyond what can be read on the pages of the book and bringing it to life
  • We are confident that one day our students will be our innovators, decision makers, leaders, problem solvers.
  • You may think it is our excellent academics, support, dedication and perseverance, but what makes St. Anthony's School, Kurseong unique is YOU.
St. Anthony's extends far beyond the gates of our campus
When you enter St. Anthony's, you'll be challenged to push your boundaries,
to lead and to serve, to open your heart and to hone your mind.

Students are conscious and proactive about learning and learning resonates with the students' own values and beliefs

A platform to exchange ideas and to build up camaraderie ship

Students share a quality time among them to develop the values of life

Participation enables the Anthonians the lesson of balance between academics and personal interests
Chetan Sir was like a caring elder brother to us and was extremely popular among us. The real world just amplified in me what the school and my parents taught me. I believe I am just a product of St Anthony's who likes to follow his gut. It's been 2 decades since I last visited school…I miss every room there was, every field, every step to go down to the dormitory, dining hall and the fields, every teacher, and everything that reminded me of the events that made me who I am today.
I am the voice that was created by the tongue and the lips who are all those remarkable people at my Alma Mater- St. Anthony's School and though there is so much I owe to this place for my creation, I cannot carry it with me.
My experience at Anthony's was filled with diverse growth, varied emotions, and nostalgic memories, all of which has made me the person I am today. I have learned that I cannot control all aspects of my life, but I am thankful and appreciative of the time I had at Anthony's.
With wet eyes, I recall the moment when I had to leave St Anthony's! Those blue gates when pushed opened a vast sky for me to conquer but all I cared was the blossoming garden I left behind.
I am confident that every Anthonian will achieve great success with hard work, passion and patience. I believe "fame vaporizes, pride goes with the wind and all that is left is character and education".
I would like to thank our dear Chetan Sir who amazes me with his humbleness and warmth and especially for always pushing me to reach new heights every time we meet to this day. Such affinity and love springs forth only when you have a sense of belonging and I am lucky to belong to the family of St. Anthony's School.