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Guidance & Counseling Session 2018

Salony Priya, psychologist, HR Trainer, education consultant and parenting expert has been in the field of educational counseling for last 21 years. Awarded at several National forums for her pioneer work in positive psychology, spreading awareness for positive mental health , building counselling and life skill education, she has rich and diverse experience with more than 1500 educational institutions in 18 states across India and in countries as Bangladesh, Oman, Dubai, Nepal etc. Her dedication to the positive development of capable and caring individuals is contagious, and she has touched more than 40,000 adolescents from KG to PG level, pioneering the cause of school Guidance & counseling.

With her unique pragmatic approach to understanding psyche, she has created bridges between stake holders and created strong holistic, multidimensional approach to counselling, guidance & therapy. Founder Director of unique multispecialty centre , UMMEED , providing counselling services to adults and adolescents , with compassionate care ,stands as a beacon of hope to all in the city of joy.Ummeed in last eight years of its existence has benefitted society at large, trained more psychology graduates and educators on counselling skills and provided several educators & parents support and psycho education.


Ummeed approach to Positive psychology is all about, people doing their best in their circumstances, dealing, coping and learning. Positive psychology does not deny the problems that people experience and positive psychologists do not ignore stress, anxieties or fears but their challenge is in their attempts to understand what it means to live well. The most basic assumption here is that positive psychology urges to belief in human goodness and excellence are as basic as disease and distress and hence should be given equal attention.

All counselling focuses on strengths of students, allows them to explore possibilities and seek for the right path, understanding their self, the society and their responsibilities.

People of any age, are at their best when institutions, relationships, traits and experiences are in alignment and doing well in life represents a coming together of all four domains. The goal of counselling hence is understanding, listening without judgement and then creating possibilities within and around, so that an individual develops strength to deal.

Teaching Life skills to adolescents -These group counseling sessions create confident, competent children & allow them to face reality of life without fear...Interactive Ummeed life skill sessions have fun filled activities, thought provoking discussions , touching videos and it aims at creating Socially aware, Responsible young adults Some of the topics dealt at St. Anthony were as follows –

PROACTIVE PARENTING at St Anthony’s School, Kurseong

Parents as partners in process of grooming and guiding the students - the aim to conduct these parent education session at school is to enable parents to understand psychological needs of children and adopt age appropriate methods to connect to them , understand them and develop life long relationship of respect . It allows parents to see the larger challenges of bringing up children, see practical solutions and have a more holistic perspective of teenage issues. How as a parent you participate and be a part of their lives, how we be their mentors and guides, how we reduce the blaming, nagging aspect in parenting how we create a bond of trust, is very important.

“I believe all children deserve regardless of their life situations a positive , rigorous and enriching school experience …I work to make that possible” - Salony Priya, Founder Director, Ummeed Counseling & Consulting services


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