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Counseling with Anubhab

Consultant Psychologist and Learning and Development trainer PAROMITA MITRA BHAUMIK has been working in the area of clinical psychology, behavioural coaching , and education for the passed 20 years .She is the Founder-Director of ANUBHAV POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY CLINIC, a renowned clinic, providing psychological and guidance services in south Kolkata for the last 15 years.She is associated with the Belle vue clinic and shri aurobindo seva Kendra (EEDF) of Kolkata.


Anubhav Positive Psychology is a one stop solution for self enrichment and psychological wellness. This 25+ year old organization was founded by psychologist Paromita Mitra Bhaumik (www.paromitamitrabhaumik.com) with a vision to constitute positive changes and growth in our community. We have a diverse team recognized by various corporate organizations, hospitals, NGOS, doctors & educational institutions. Our team comes from diverse disciplines primarily - Organizational Psychologists, Behavioral Trainers, Clinical Psychologists, Corporate Trainers , Rehabilitation Psychologists, HR & Finance Officials, & Career Counsellors. Our clients come from all walks of life - Individuals, schools, colleges hospitals, and corporate organizations.

Anubhav Positive Psychology Clinic has served for 25 years with dedication through its committed group of Psychologists, Career Counsellors and educators, always aiming at excellence and achieving gratifying facts.

Our School Intervention Programme with St. Anthony's

Teachers – The teacher workshop was done for 3 consecutive days. The first session was done on teaching methods and skills. The second two days were on positive disciplining in classroom. The teachers were cooperative and have an eagerness to learn.

Parents – The parent workshop ran for three consecutive days. The age group was divided into early childhood years, pre teens and adolescence. Identifying the problems of different age groups and the reasons for the behavioural problems were discussed in detail with activities. The parents participated whole heartedly and enjoyed the workshop.

Students – The sessions were interactive about the three day sessions, of motivation , self esteem and bullying. Pupils came up with their problems. They thoroughly enjoyed the videos and the message that was imparted. Older students were more helped more by the topics like dealing with substance abuse and bullying.



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