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School Houses

Green House

Green, the colour of renewal, nature and energy is associated with growth. The motto of green house- ALERT, AGILE, ACHIEVE - reside in the minds of all those clad in green. Positive energy and inspirations flourish among the students of green house. Be it academics, games or other curricular activities, each one of us are dedicated towards our goals and strive forward to achieve the extreme. The positive vibe of the colour green stimulates us to work even harder, remian alert and moreover never quit. We in green are united, firm and held our heads high as one unit.
House Master Mr. Sujit Mukherjee

Gold House

Discipline is the integral part of Gold house members, respecting and honouring teachers, captains and teammates is a must. In Gold house the students are not only motivated to excel in sports but also focus on strong character building and holistic development. The member of Gold house carry out all duties diligently. Without discipline there is no character and character is efficiency personified.
House Master Mr. Sourav Subba

Blue House

“Use your talent, abilities and skills in the best way possible; get ahead of others by giving little extra and simply do your best in everything you do”. The Blue House Students with hard-work strives in Academics and co-curricular activities. Never give up fight for that extra yard drives us in achieving success.
House Master Mr. Sailendra Chettri

Red House

Red house in St.Anthony’s School perpetually endeavours to infuse the spirit of dedication, determination and devotion.
Dedication in all that they undertake.
Determination as strong as steel, never to yield or surrender.
Devotion to God and man ; to nature and work.
These three qualities imbibed in the character of students foster to shape them to become contributing citizens of tomorrow. With these fundamental principles all students of “THE RED HOUSE” are trained to inculcate discipline required to achieve success. Students are motivated to develop tenacity in everything they pursue. They are taught to weigh both academics and physical training equal.
House Master Mr. Pratap Paul Singh
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