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Md. Sobhan Azharuddin Chowdhury

Life since 2008 has been a steady winding through dusty streets and crowded roads, and a thick wall at the end of it. A thick wall and a board which reads- ‘St. Anthony’s School, Giddha Pahar’. If only we could get back within the safety of that wall, plaster some paper and tape together, bind it down with rubber bands and play cricket in that asphalt courtyard over which loomed the red brick building. We always sought to be free of that white flaking wall, run off to adventures during our Saturday treks during winter coaching, down the valley, and explore everything around us. We fell and we tumbled down the mossy stones and the tea shrubs, and at the end of the day we came back to school, tired, but happy.

This life on the other side of the thick wall, of the toy trains and the Mewar ice cream carts now no longer entices us. See, once you are initiated into the ‘free world’, past that thick Anthonian rampart, you realize that u have ceded a part of yourself to a collective past- nothing you were or did, you did alone. In Anthony’s, we built ourselves a family, outside it, we struggle to mould ourselves.

I have made tragic blunders, been foolhardy, won my share of goodwill, but it was never of any consequence; there seems very little joy in it compared to that of sharing our stories of failures and heartaches and wins with our childhood friends and teachers.

People, who stood tall in the class room, often fall in the real world. Students who seemed all sorted out soon begin to find chinks in their armour, but that we cannot deny ourselves. You, my dear Anthonians, will fall, consider yourselves a failure, but come tomorrow, may meet a more downtrodden soul who will look up to you. We draw our lines as per our capabilities. All I can say is never stop thirsting. Be hungry- discover yourselves before you find yourselves in a concrete mould that you cannot break out of. It‘s alright to fall in love and then lose it. To not get through into the school or the college you wanted to. What matters is that you fight through. Move at your own pace, rather than try to fit into a cast that your peer group or your idols may have construed.

Life is not a movie, but then life shouldn’t be that predictable either.

Ora et Labora.


Md. Sobhan Azharuddin Chowdhury
(Class of I.C.S.E - 2008)

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