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Mani Krishna

St. Anthony’s - the name brings in an array of memories. Nostalgia grips me and I am over whelmed with emotions. The days Spent at my beloved St. Anthony’s are etched in my memories For ever fresh, the classroom, dormitory, games field, dinning Hall…. every look and corner. It was here that I learned the basics of life.

I joined St.Anthony’s in class Four. I loved sports and seeing seniors practice volley ball fascinated me. I watched then play sitting on the side lines. Once I requested one of my seniors to lift the ball and I gave a smash, it was an amateur shot , but our coach RUMBA sir noticed, he asked me to join for practice the very next day and with in a week I was in top six. Sir gave me the name of “Baby Black cobra “. We went on to play and win the enter school championship tournament under my captaincy. We wear not favourites but we reached the finals and lost 2 straight sets, I still remember Rumba sir’s eyes how he encouraged us despite being disheartened, I gathered my team mates and pumped then up to a glorious victory. We came back to a grand welcome by our school and went around the town waving the school Flag. Also to our delight our principal declared holiday the next day.

Besides volley ball I was the goal keeper of the Football team, was opening batsman in cricket team , a member of basket ball team and won several medals in high Jump , long Jump , shot put, discuss, marathon etc at school and zonal level. In class ten we had a teachers VS students friendly match and I set a school record of hitting Six sixes in an over.

I was the head prefect in class ten and thought of holding the blue and gold flag gave me goose bumps. Like they say “ Muscles of iron , nerves of steel and minds like thunder bolt “, sports taught me discipline, gave me stamina and much more, and I can’t thank enough CHETAN SIR who always encouraged me to be a part of it. Alas ! our Farewell day arrived and the thought that school life was ending gripped me , never had I thought of this inevitable moment of bidding adieu to may alma mater.

After I.C.S.E Boards, I did my further schooling in Delhi. These two years went by in a jiffy preparing for entrance. I had an inclination towards maths and physics , so I did my mechanical engineering form Bangalore institute of technology. There also I received many trophies for my athletics and musical acumen. College ended and I was happy to Join a Job. I worked there for two years but it started to get tedious , I wanted more , I wanted something of my own , I wanted to be the Boss – a leader , not a simple employee making money.

The next step I thought of was cracking civil services Exam for which I joined Vaji Ram and Ravi coaching classes in Delhi. While preparing I caught intestinal T.B , lost enormous weight , was almost cachexic and once I was recovering my left arm fractured in an accident. These two incidences took a toll on me. I was advised rest for six months, could not work out, but the kind of fitness fanatic I was , I resumed weight lifting within two month and got back my muscles strength. Along side I had ventured into entrepreneurship , I slogged along the two most trying years of my life and my hard work eventually paid off. I am the proprietor of INDIAN OIL petrol pump and have been awarded the most rising enterpreneur of my state. Some more business plans are in pipe line. I want it bigger and better “ live life king size “ (courtsey SRK) Till date I never miss out my work outs and weight training schedule. It is here form where I get all my strength to strive better in life. I am also passionate about music and have been trained in Indian classical music (vocal), and can play harmonium, synthesizer, guitar and harmonica. I had performed in various auditoriums in Delhi and Bangalore. I do write songs and someday dream of cutting out my own musical album.

Life throws challenges every day and as bobby knight rightly said – the key is not the will to win……. Every body has that, it is the will to prepare to win that is important, so keep striving and keep preparing, success will be yours.

School affects eternity in true sense, you can never tell where its influence stops. St. Anthony’s seasoned us well, The values it has impacted on us will never be erased from our memories. For ever you will be treasured my Alma Mater (ora et labora).

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