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Home Away From Home
Linkon Sarkar

If crawling up a ladder just for the sake of reaching out some height than my 8 years of crawling in St. Anthony’s made me reach greater heights all throughout my life. For me it was rather my second home since it was within those red and white walls among all other juniors and seniors and our guiding souls, our teachers where we spent more time than our own homes with our family members.

Life in Anthony is yet the days of unforgettable memories.

To the young and the passing out students: life probably might have been harsh or sweet until now but it is even more challenging when you will face the outside world. Nevertheless, I am fortunate enough to have been through those Guiding souls to whom I will forever be very grateful, as it is because of them I was and always ready to face the challenging world.

Struggle is something, which I faced a lot of time until this phase of my life but all I did was take a single decision and that was to face every challenge and conquer it. It’s good to think about future and even better to make an aim for the future but time being very precious spend more time on the path to reach that aim and not in thinking about it too much as we can control out present but the future stands on the path on which we leave our footsteps behind.

Lastly, all of the above comes from these crawling phase that all of you, the current students are spending within the bricked walls, “A family away from home, A Home Away From Home”.

Linkon Sarkar
(ICSE Batch 2013)

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