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‘Cheer boys cheer…cheer the blue and gold…’
Dr Hossain Mehedi Rehman, IPS

Thirteen years have passed but these words are enough to give me goose bumps and fill me with nostalgia. I still remember that farewell night in November when everyone had said that they would not cry. By the end of the night none could hold back the memories flowing down their cheeks. Some of which can’t be told even on oaths of secrecy. After eight years of togetherness we were all on our own.

Stepping over the portals of St. Anthony’s I went to the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University. Another eight years there saw me complete my Higher Secondary School and MBBS. AMU was a different experience altogether. The transition from a restrictive boarding school environment to one with no restrictions at all was astounding. With no one to see what I am doing, to tell me right from wrong, force me to go to class or to monitor my company, life had suddenly put a lot of responsibilities on me. The rat race of clearing MBBS entrance was another tough task. The world of competitive exams and coaching made me realize the futility of examination marks and the potential of in depth knowledge. Believe me when I say that the only purpose my ICSE mark sheet solved was to verify my date of birth, but the things I learned at school has always given me an edge over a lot of people around me. As a wise man has rightly said to this Whats App generation of ours, “Knowledge k peeche bhaago…”

My MBBS at AMU and later my MD from King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, took me to unchartered territories. I saw people craving for things we so simply take for granted. I saw a father refusing to donate blood to his dying daughter. I saw people faking illness just because a medical camp was doling out free medicines. I saw peoples’ disbelief in the machinery. I saw human suffering and apathy first hand. During my MBBS years I had decided that I would go for the Civil Service. So I took Public Health for my specialty despite a lot of opposition from peers. While doing my MD I got into the Indian Police Service. The initial years here has taught me lot and made me stretch my limits. I hope to live up to my expectations of serving the people.

Life till now has not been all rosy. It has seen lots of ups and downs. I have travelled afar with friends. I have fallen in love and had my heart broken. I was detained in my Final year of MBBS due to low attendance. I have taken part in elections and seen rivalry. I have stood with my friends and peers and pelted stones at the Rapid Action Force (RAF). I have seen a close friend take his own life.

Life has been a roller coaster ride for me. Looking back today, there are a few regrets but also lots of memories. I can surely say that the eight years I spent at St. Anthony’s laid the foundation of what I am today.

Lastly, a few words of advice to the passing out batch. Travel the world. Visit new places, meet new people, try different cuisines. Read different books; don’t give up on that habit; and learn about different fields. Make new friends, fall in love, and don’t hold back. Develop a hobby. Take up a job you love and try to bring a change in society. Do not forget you are amongst the most privileged ones and the country counts on you to do your bit.


Ora et Labora.


Dr Hossain Mehedi Rehman, IPS
(Class of ICSE - 2005)

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