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Ejaz Ashraf

Ora et Labora.

I remember my first day at St. Anthony’s School as entering upon the gates I was nervous about coming to a new school not knowing what this new chapter would unfold in my life. I have had an experience of my own at school. I remember especially all the games I’ve played for the School Sports team and how both our Coaches Ashish Sir and Rumba Sir worked hard to train us for each tournament which shaped me as a Football Player. I still recall we were shown a movie on winning the prestigious Class 3 Football tournament against South Point School while everyone was busy studying during their study hours. Indeed time past by swiftly and the best chapter of my life came to an end. Eight years at St. Anthony’s School has been the most glorious time I’ve spent in my life. All the days at school are cherished including the “jungli” dance on farewell Haha! and tears that followed when I left school.

Being active in sports and having brilliant coaches at school helped me get into Aligarh Muslim University through Football Sports Quota. I was astound on the way I felt about myself at the University. It was then I realized how by former temple of education had groomed, shaped and nurtured my personality. I spent 3 years short of a decade at the University. After completing my Senior Secondary School from A.M.U I opted for a 5 years B.A. LL.B course and graduated as a Lawyer from Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University which is known as an institution that has produced several Judges and renowned lawyers that are serving the Nation all across the Country. During my stay at the University, yes, I made it to the School and University Football team and represented the University at National level Football and was also made the Captain of the University Football team in the year 2014.

I have seen diversity in life. I have played uncountable tournaments across Northern India, ran several 100mts, 200mts 400mts sprints, scored many goals, have lost and won on different occasions. I have given tuitions to fund my own education. I have travelled and trekked across several mountains. And throughout this journey of life I have learnt that life always gives you chances. It’s about living the journey and putting in effort each day. It’s that little effort you put in each day that helps you succeed in life. Always work hard and learn from what you experience in life. Every turn of events, good or bad has something that you can learn from.

Now the other aspect of my professional life practicing as a lawyer, I’ve seen various emotions love, hate, anger, false accusations, family fighting over little disputes, people being denied justice, convictions of murders and acquittals of the innocent. It’s a dynamic profession. You learn something new each day. It’s interesting and thrilling pushing you to your limit. You have to read all night to prepare a case, again you might win or lose but the effort helps you learn. I have seen the Judicial System from close and am proud to be part of such a prestigious system. I would advise all those who love to debate and argue and want to bring about change and contribute to the growth and development of the Society, this profession is a weapon for it.

With parting words I would advise all of you to discover your talent, interest and know your capabilities and in what your passion lies. The faster you know what you want in life the quicker you can work towards mastering that art. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your teachers. Hesitation makes you a slow learner. Be curious and have hunger for knowledge. If you have a passion for something, follow it with utmost sincerely. Passing from School is only the beginning. Academics is definitely important in a country like India but it’s always better to make a living out of something you have a passion for, be it anything. Being a Footballer not only helped me get into Aligarh Muslim University but also brought a sense of disciple. I may have not perused my career as a professional footballer but I still play football on weekends and go out to play tournaments whenever I have time. It’s meditation for me.

Lastly, St Anthony’s School has taught me all the basics of my life. It’s because of the morals, values lectures and guidance the teachers provided then that has helped me all the way and has made me what I am today. Thank you all the teachers. Love and Respect.


Ejaz Ashraf
Lawyer, Delhi
Ex -Anthonian, Gold House Captain, Batch of 2009

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