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Devesh Kumar

“Back then I just wanted to finish school and go to college, but now the tables have turned”.
This is completely true. The 10 years that I spent in Anthony’s will always be the best years of my life. I started to miss school the first day I joined college. It just seems yesterday to me that I left school. I still remember my last day at school when I walked out of the hall and knew that this was it, I had finished school and now would step into the real world.

I was lucky to complete my high school too from Anthony’s. I had thought I would never come back after 10th standard. Like most of you all, I wanted to get away from this place. But as it turns out, life had different plans for me. I don’t regret that decision. I am glad that I came back and finished my schooling from here. Till the time I was in school, the world seemed like a good place. But when I joined college, everything changed. I got admitted into DU and that’s where I saw the competition outside.

The world does not know you or care about you. You are just another person. The class 10 certificate was just a proof of my date of birth, but class 12 certificate is proof about the life you will have to choose. Trust me, through my own experience I am telling you, the competition outside is very tough. It’s tougher than you will ever imagine. In school, you have teachers to guide you, to tell you the right and wrong things. But outside, there will be no one. There is no discipline, guidance or trust. Unlike school, there will be no one to spoon feed you. You do everything on your own. To survive in the real world, you need to remember what was taught to you inside the school. But above all, those talks that our teachers give and we call it ‘time pass’, that is the key to the survival on the outside. The people outside are different. When you sit in a class room full of students from different parts of the country, you become a representative of your school. I miss the memories that I had. At the end, you will miss the small things that you did and regret the things that you didn’t. It is true, you may never use the Pythagoras theory in your life, but you sure will miss the class. You may not apply most of the knowledge you gained from your books but you will apply the knowledge gained from your teachers. Make full use of the teachers when they are around or you will only regret it later.

Lastly, a word of advice. Have fun, make friends, respect your teachers, develop a skill, and above all be a good human being. Live in the moment or you will only regret it later. Don’t be like another sheep in the herd. Live your school life to the fullest because you will never have it back. I would like to wish every student the very best for their lives. Be proud that Anthony’s is our Alma Mater.

Ora et Labora.


(CLASS OF ICSE-2016 & ISC-2018)

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