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Admission To Class XI

Please contact the School office for the Registration form or download it from the website

Subjects (Compulsory & Electives)

In addition to English (compulsory subject), and Hindi/Bengali/ Nepali all pupils of this School will have to take up four elective subjects. This School offers the following as elective subjects, provided at least twenty (20) pupils opt for a particular subject:
Science-oriented: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Computer Science
Commerce-oriented: Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Business Studies/Mathematics.

Admission: Pre-Secondary Examination

  1. Depending on the availability of seats, a few pupils from other schools may be admitted to Class XI even before they appear for their respective secondary examinations. Guardians of external candidates seeking such admission should note the following guidelines carefully
    1. Applicants will have to sit for an Admission Test, all relevant information regarding which will be furnished to them well in advance of the Test.
    2. The CISCE treats the Higher Secondary classes (i.e. Year 12 Classes) as a separate unit altogether, requiring fresh registration of pupils and payment of related fees.
    3. Each admission to Class XI will, therefore, be treated as a fresh admission and will necessitate completion of requisite formalities, including payment of an admission fee and other charges
    4. It must also be clearly understood that admission to Class XI will be in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the CISCE and the recommendations of the Academic Council of the School.
    5. All admissions will be provisional and subject to the conditions specified under Cancellation of Admission.
  2. Eligibility
    1. Science: In the Selection Test (Class X) or last examination of the school from which the applicant is due to appear for the secondary or equivalent Public Examination, he must have obtained at least:
      • 75% in the aggregate
      • 80% in English; 85% in Mathematics and the Science subjects (combined).
    2. Commerce: In the Selection Test (Class X) or last examination of the school from which the applicant is due to appear for the secondary or equivalent Public Examination, he must have obtained at least:
      • 70% in the aggregate
      • 80% in English; 80% in Mathematics
  3. Procedure
    1. In order to apply for the admission of his/her ward to Class XI, a guardian should obtain all necessary papers, including the Registration Form, from the School Office by paying the requisite charges. A receipt for the amount paid should be obtained and retained till the Admission Test and interview are over. Even after making the Prospectus and other papers available to a guardian, the School reserves the right not to register the name of an applicant for admission to Class XI. Registration, however, only ensures a call for an Admission Test and does not guarantee admission.
    2. The Registration Form, duly filled in, together with all necessary documents should be submitted to the School Office as soon as possible
    3. An applicant, who has sat for the Admission Test and been selected for admission, will be required to appear for an interview, the date of which will be mentioned against his name in a list to be posted on the School Notice Board.
    4. Both the parents of the pupil should be present at the interview. If for any reason one parent is unable to attend the interview, the School Office should be informed in writing of the fact and the reason thereof well in advance.
    5. A call for an interview does not guarantee admission.
  4. Children who are registered will appear for a written assessment in Jan/Feb each year. Please check the School website for announcement of dates or confirm the information from the School Office

Admission: Post-Publication of Secondary Examination Results

  1. After the results of the secondary examinations conducted by Boards other than the CISCE are published, and depending on the availability of seats, applications for admission to Class XI (Science & Commerce) may be considered, strictly on the basis of merit.
  2. Eligibility:

    Science : In the Final Examination, the applicant must have obtained at least
    • 95% in the aggregate
    • 90% in English
    • 90% in Mathematics
    • 90% in Science.(combined)
    Commerce :In the Final Examination, the applicant must have obtained at least 90% in the aggregate and in English. If the candidate wishes to take up Mathematics, as an elective subject, he must have obtained 85% in Mathematics in the Final Examination

Admission Rules for Ex- Anthonians

Admission Rules for class XI- Students who have passed I.C.S.E from St. Anthony’s School, Kurseong with the qualifying marks required- are to be charged under the following criteria:

Cancellation of Admission to Class XI

  1. The provisional admission of a pupil will stand automatically cancelled if he fails to pass the secondary examination or equivalent Public Examination he will appear/has appeared for.
  2. A pupil, who has passed a secondary or equivalent Public Examination conducted by a recognized board of education other than the CISCE, must produce a Migration Certificate. His admission will be subject to the approval of the CISCE
  3. The School reserves the right to cancel the admission of a pupil if there is a report of serious misconduct or breach of discipline against him, or if he fails to produce an attested copy of a Character Certificate from the Head of the school he last attended. The decision of the Academic Council of the School in all such cases will be final and binding on the pupil and his guardian/s.


Admission Form for Class XI School Prospectus


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