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Principal's Message

We are on the threshold of our Silver Jubilee Celebration in 2016. Twenty-five years in the life of an Institution is an important milestone, and definitely not the end of the road. The Founder Members of our Institution must be proud that the journey has reached a quarter century. We have tried to live up to their expectation of Academic Excellence and a humanistic growth of all our Students, past and present, who have chosen our School for their Education.

The road was never easy. At times it was an uphill struggle as educating a Child, man-making and character building, is an arduous task.

Giving them the necessary tools and to set them on their journey to life was challenging.

We have taught them the values of hard-work, sincerity and how to be compassionate human-beings. Our aim is to educate our students to be informed and responsible citizens of the world.

Time and again our Ex-Anthonians have come back and shared their experiences and values which they learnt in School. That fuels us to keep going and makes us believe that we are on the right track shaping and moulding lives of innocent children, to become fine ladies and gentlemen.

We the Faculty have always changed whenever we found it necessary to change, be it with Smart classes and technology- driven education (the demand of the changing world), new pedagogical skills in teaching or simply understanding the needs of an Individual child.

We have understood that Child is the focal point of all learning and we need to alter our methods to enhance their understanding and growth. We, the committed faculty communicate our vision, values and learning to our young students. We have realized that the students are not here because of us. We are here because of them.

The values, time and energy that we invest in our students, shape the relationship that both of us will cherish forever. Our Jubilee celebration will be more collegial, as we are involving all our Ex-Anthonians. The Re-union is just around the corner. We will have lots of sharing of ideas, serious brain storming sessions which will bring about a fitting Silver Jubilee celebration, which our Institution so richly deserves. We stand by our School motto," Ora Et Labora" which means "Pray and work."


Chetan Tewari
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