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Principal's Message

For 27 years, two and a half decades, St. Anthony’s School has stood within a quaint Hamlet in Kurseong. I have been active in Education for the last 21 years. We have sent up 22 ICSE batches and 3 ISC batches who have passed out. I feel it necessitates a moment of reflection. A time to pause, look to our slice of history to know how our Anthonians who have left the walls of our building are doing in the world. This years Annual is dedicated to them. Featured are their trials and tribulations in life. It gives us a sense of reaffirmation that the path we have taken as Educators is not misdirected and correct.

I always believed that I needed to be a different kind of a Teacher who gives a patient hearing to students and understands their needs. It’s the student who should benefit. A school is not a school where the Teachers win. It’s always the students who should achieve a sense of victory. As Teachers our duty is to mould and shape them into fine human beings. They should not be afraid to ask any questions and should be allowed to grow in knowledge and wisdom. We should touch lives of our students and guide them in their path of self-discovery. The world is changing and this phenomenon should be understood by educators like us and the archaic way of teaching should be replaced, only then we will be known as modern educators who have evolved according to today’s need. This is one beautiful profession where reading and acquiring life skills is equally important to us. It help us to grow, to understand our young pupil’s need. We need to put more Mindfullness in our teachings and help our students to overcome barriers which life often throws at them as it unfolds in an often confusing and unforeseen manner. Our curriculum should imbibe more conscious effort to be pliant and flexible to make them understand and enable adjustment during turbulent periods of life.

I feel as a Principal it’s not long before we need to pass on the baton to make way for young educators. Their knowledge and vision should replace ours and the Institution should grow organically. The hands of the young maybe guided by informed experience of people who have navigated change both adopting and rejecting the myraid of ‘innovations’ companies promoting products promise us.

Till then let me enjoy every moment while I can, proactively contributing to my love of both our school and Education.

'Ora et Labora'
'Pray and work'

Chetan Tewari


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