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Adequate, equipped with Digital Teaching Technology and a green chalk-board in every classroom . The Girls’ Section (Strictly segregated) has the same facilities. A Public Address system and a C.C.T.V. camera in each class helps the Administration to monitor the students and communicate with them.


Well–equipped, with books being lent out to students on a monthly basis. The library has seating arrangements for the entire class during reading periods.


Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs- the newly opened ISC section houses the Science laboratories which are adequately equipped

Computer Rooms

The students avail of the computer room and its facilities for their practical classes in Computer Applications. It is the most popular study centre for students, from class III onwards. Hands-on learning makes them proficient at handling technology and helps them attain computer literacy at an early age.

Hostel Dormitories

Three dormitories provide accommodation for residential students. Staffed by wardens and support staff, they are ‘a home away from home’ for the boarders

Dining Halls

A spacious, well-lit dining hall for students can accommodate all the boarders at a single sitting . Well-maintained by a manager and support staff, it is the one place where boarders gather thrice day and partake of hot, nutritious meals cooked in the School Kitchen. The menu is varied, from day to day.


A trained, well-experienced nurse with her assistant takes care of the sick boarders. The School doctor visits weekly and sick students requiring urgent care are driven to town when the need arises. A health Record for every student is maintained, with height and weight entered every term. Physical development can thus be monitored.


A professional auditorium can accommodate 600 spectators ( the entire student body, both girls and boys). It is used for School functions, the Concert and Variety Entertainments. Co-curricular activities are also held here, including Indoor games and Inter-school contests.


The football field, also used for athletics at Sports Meets; a basketball court, a Volleyball court and two adjoining playgrounds for the juniors comprise the facilities for games and physical education. Trained P.T.Is and games masters referee house-games and Inter-school tournaments.


Staffed by two officers at the School Front Desk, the School office has a Parlour for visitors. Messages are received and transmitted here. Parents first inquire at the front desk about their son’s welfare. On holidays boarders are permitted to phone their parents.

Transport Facility

Two School Buses and a School Van, with the school’s name emblazoned on the top windscreen, ferry day- scholars to and from town. The school teams are transported to the venues of Inter-school Tournaments. The School Van is the workhorse in the hills-sick students are taken to the doctor in emergencies, judges of school contests invigilators and the supervisor of examinations , are likewise driven to the school.

Games Room

The auditorium , as mentioned, also functions as an Indoor stadium . Daily practice starts early in the morning , from 5:30 a.m. to 7 a.m, and again is held in the evening, during regular games time.
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